Allegory Of The Cave And Fahrenheit 451 Literary Analysis

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In the Allegory of the Cave and Fahrenheit 451, people become blinded by what they do not know and differences between lifestyles. In the Allegory of the Cave no one knew what the outside world was like and as stated: “He wouldn’t be able to see things up on the surface of the earth, I suppose, until he’d got used to his situation.” People do not understand or try to understand what they do not know or what they do not agree with. In the book, people abolished books because there was a chance someone would disagree with it. Everyone contains only happiness, because they live in a society where they do not know everything, but they do not know what they do not know. In the Allegory of the Cave, people do not know about an outside world. In Fahrenheit 451, they seem to…show more content…
Clarisse sparked a change in Montag and seeing that there was sunlight and not just shadows sparked a change in the allegory. People become confused when they initially find a new way of thinking. They do not know if they should trust the difference, because they do not want to completely abandon everything they have been doing before. Both of the pieces of writing demonstrate people sheltered and forced to abide to the rules of others. In Fahrenheit 451, no one cares about each other and the existence of one another adds nothing to one another’s lives. Montag states in Fahrenheit 451: "It's strange, I don't miss her, it's strange I don't feel much of anything...Even if she dies, I realized a moment ago, I don't think I'll feel sad. It isn't right. Something must be wrong with me." No connection can be seen between people. Montag becomes enlightened because he understand that the way he has been living contains no quality of connection. In the allegory, the person that becomes free and goes into the light understands life on earth and the importance of the sun making everything

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