Allegory Of The Cave Movie Analysis

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The story of the movie “Dead poets society” and the story “The Allegory of the Cave” are very analogous, whereas the main character in the movie Neil Perry, and the prisoner both withstood the impact from the new concept/knowledge offered to them. However, when ideality collided with reality, unlike the prisoner, under the pressure of his dad, Neil’s decision of suicide turned the story into a tragedy. Then a crucial problem appeared subsequently; who should be responsible for this final decision? Is it Mr. Keating who showed him this new approach to life? His dad, who shattered the dream? Or Neil himself, the decision maker? In terms of most influential person in one’s childhood, teacher is definitely one of the candidate. In the movie, Mr.…show more content…
Though he was the decision maker, Neil should not be the person to blame, because what created Neil’s temperaments was his background. Unfortunately, he did not have the ability to make such a complex decision due to his monotonous growing environment. The movie showed that there were elementary grade students in Welton Academy, which implies that Neil could have studied in this school many years. Therefore, it is indeed to say that the school influenced Neil as much , if not more, on his family. However, the closed study ambient did not influence Neil in a favorable way. Students were extremely desired about the outside world that they made a radar to hear songs from the radio. Furthermore, the ponderous homework left no time for students to think about their own future. For instance, after the first time meeting Mr. Keating, Todd wrote “seize the day” in his notebook, but soon ripped it out, and turned to homework, showing he was inspired, but forced to turn back to the “burden”. Nevertheless, the same thing could have also happened to Neil. The lack of interaction with the world beyond the campus became a huge problem when Neil tried to seek out the bigger world. He did not have enough knowledge and experience, therefore was immature to handle the balance between dream and reality, independence and his father’s will. When Mr. Keating’s new ideas and Mr. Perry’s discipline conflicted, Neil’s weak psychological
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