Allegory Of The Cave Purpose

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In the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, there are four common core questions. The second question, what does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose, is the one of concern. There are many things an individual can do to live a life that is of meaning and purpose. In order to formulate an answer to this question, one must first decipher what is being asked and define the parameters involved. Two words stick out in this question and those are meaning and purpose. Meaning and purpose can have very different takes based on who is asked this very question. Meaning and purpose could be better defined as a life that has an impact on other individuals in a meaningful way. In order to live a life of meaning and purpose an individual needs to conform to the needs and wants of society and act out of true goodness. The idea of what constitutes a life of meaning and purpose will be examined using various works of literature. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave can be used to help answer the question that is of interest. In this work the prisoners are bound up so they can only see the…show more content…
Jesus preaches to the disciples giving them a list of blessings which are known as the Beatitudes. He conveys the message in a way that is out of love for them. If they follow his teachings they will be closer to getting salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore living a life of meaning and purpose. As said in Chapter 5 of the Gospel According to Matthew, “Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven“(p. 50). He talks to them about various other topics and conveys his teachings to them on all aspects of life. If the disciples follow the way of life and the teachings of Jesus then they will become closer to finding God in their journey of life. In order to live a life of meaning and purpose it is important to find God and discover who you are as a
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