Allegory Rhetorical Analysis Essay On John Stewart

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All through her discourse Stewart utilizes general case of allegorical dialect. Stewart highlights the hopelessness of being bound to "servile work" by depicting it through a direct opposite of trying souls "confined by the chains of ignorance and poverty." She additionally underscores the way of this situation by expressing "our souls have caught the flame" and utilizing "flame" as the appositive for the "theme of equal rights and privileges." Stewart's oxymoronic blend of asserting passing to be a "welcome messenger" is likewise compelling in supporting her position by stunning her gathering of people. Another representation that is noteworthy in the address is the portrayal of the benefits of African-American work as "unprofitable to us…show more content…
For instance, words, for example, "chains", "death", and "cruel" build up a sharp and now and again grave tone that helps the gathering of people relate to her bring about. In any case, not the majority of Stewart's word usage is proposed to utilize emotion or ethos in her contention however she likewise utilizes solid case to make a sensible offer. Stewart calls for "equal rights and privileges" and also records the momentum "servile labors" for example, "house domestics… or tending upon gentleman's tables." Phrases, for example, "the lash of the cruel driver" has a practically grotesque component to her address which stuns her gathering of people and passes on the savage substances of subjection. The most obvious and successful procedure that Stewart uses is her perspective and presentation to the group of onlookers. Stewart distinguishes herself as a slave that had once persevered through "the bitter experience that continual hard labor deadens the energies of the soul." By relating her own particular encounters to the theme of her address, Stewart can make a more enthusiastic and individual case to her group of onlookers. She additionally calls herself a "free born American" and relates herself to every last bit of her gathering of people. In asserting "your blood flows through my veins" Stewart is capable to relate to her gathering
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