Allegory To Cowboys

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Abbas Omar
WRIT 1301
Jan. 11th 2017
Christians and Cowboys: A Church on the Open Range
There are many different interpretations of the bible. Some view it as inflexible in that the bible is to be strictly followed and abided by at all times. Others have more nuanced views, modernizing the holy book to help fit our twenty first century lifestyles. However, most wouldn’t view the bible as an allegory to cowboys and the Old West of the 1800s. At Open Range Cowboy Church, Christendom and The Wild West meet for a most interesting combination.
Residing off a highway in a strip mall, the church goes for a casual, but boisterous look, a towering sign bearing the church 's logo sure to catch the eyes of pass it. At first glance, the building
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The parking lot is filled to the brim with Chevy and Ford pickup trucks, making my Toyota Avalon feel alien. The Church itself carries a western charm to it. This former grocery store turned barnhouse of worship stands small in stature, but big for all of it’s inhabitants. Rather than the large murals and grandiose art associated with your typical churches, Open Range opts for a more simplistic design. Its rustic walls lack any decoration,with the exception of a singular black chipboard cutout of a man riding a horse sprawled across the wall. Like the rest of the interior the walls smelt of cardboard, the scent fully submerging you into the atmosphere that the church created. Metal fold out chairs, though not particularly comfortable, are lined in several rows across the room, allowing for substantial seating. The only things connecting the barn itself to the realm of Christendom is the large cross placed in the front of the room and the worshipers it keeps within its…show more content…
“You can waste your life, you can spend your life, or you can invest your life,” A cowboy hat is now being passed around the room. Men reach for their wallet and put in a couple of dollars as their donation. “The greatest use of your life, of course, is to invest your life in something that outlasts your life, a cause that 's greater than yourself. Let me tell you there 's no greater cause than the kingdom of God,” Bill now speaks with vigor, and that energy surges throughout the room making people invested in what he’s saying and eager for more. A number of positive affirmations and approval are shouted in the room, making it clear that they were responsive to his words. “We are the only church that is recognized by the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches in Minnesota, making us one of a kind,” Bill boasts.”I’m glad people keep coming back and seeing something special about our church.” The American Fellowship Cowboy is the Vatican for Cowboy Churches in America. Bill had registered to become one when first creating the church. With this membership, Bill is given the ability to communicate with cowboy church’s across the
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