Allen Iverson

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The Answer Growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood with a negative family background is not easy to live with. The chance of Allen Iverson escaping it was incredibly slim; however, he made it. The quote, “Only the strong survive” represents how Iverson had to push through many obstacles to make it to the NBA. It was not easy for Iverson, and that is why his story is so phenomenal. Throughout Allen Iverson’s life, hard work and determination were the keys to his success before, during, and after his legendary basketball career.
Before his legendary basketball career in the NBA, Allen Iverson faced many childhood conflicts, but overcame them with hard work and determination. On June 17, 1975, at age fifteen, Ann Iverson gave birth to
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He participated in the all star game eleven times ("10 Facts About..." 1). In 1999 and in 2000, "The Answer" was announced first team all NBA, in 2000, 2002, and 2003 however Allen was announced to second team all NBA ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). The years 2000-2004, Iverson started on the east team in the all star game ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). In the 2001 and 2005 NBA all star games, Iverson won all star game MVP ("10 Facts About..." 1). “The Answer” won the MVP award in the 2001 NBA season ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). On January 23, 2004 Allen became the tenth fastest player to reach 14,000 points in a career ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). In 2008, ESPN claimed that Iverson was the fifth greatest shooting guard of all time ("10 Facts About..." 1). Throughout his career Allen Played on four different NBA teams, the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Detroit Pistons ("10 Facts About..." 1). Iverson signed a shoe contract with the brand reebok as well (Thorney 80). He also attended the Allen Iverson Celebrity Summer Classic (Throney 91). As unbelievable as his career was, he is one of the greatest players to never win a ring (Thorney…show more content…
On October 30, 2013 Allen Ezail Iverson retired from the sport of basketball ("10 Facts About..." 1). Allen has a son named Allen Iverson ll that he calls "Deuce" and a daughter named Tiaura (Thorney 92). Iverson is married to Tawanna Iverson (Thorney 63). With Allen Iverson 's career over, many people remember him for the trouble he has been involved in ("A Town Divided..." 1). He is currently giving back to the community and is being a good father to his children ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). After his career, he played basketball in Turkey for a while after failing to sign with an NBA team ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1). Overall, Allen Iverson had a large impact on the game of basketball and has made the game much more exciting because of his famous dribble moves and his unique skill set ("Allen Iverson Tribute" 1).
Before, during, and after Allen Iverson’s legendary basketball career, hard work and determination were the keys to his success. He overcame many obstacles and early life conflicts. Iverson’s style of play permanently changed the game of basketball. He proved that it does not matter what the chances are, with lots of hard work and determination anything can happen. “The Answer” will always be a huge part of the game of basketball because of all of the odds that he
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