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I. Introduction a. Identify the client Allen Mack is a 40-year-old African American male currently serving six months of the remainder of his 10-year sentence at the Cherry Health-East Half-Way House in Detroit, MI. Mr. Mack was indicted for Drug Trafficking/Conspiracy and enrolled in the RDAP (Residential Drug and Alcohol Program) program while in prison. RDAP is the Bureau’s most intensive treatment program. CBT is used in a modified therapeutic community model where offenders experience living in a pro-social community. Offenders live in a unit separate from general population; they participate in half-day programming and half-day work, school, or vocational activities. RDAP is typically nine months in duration (BOP.gov). As a condition …show more content…

Mack was referred by his Case Manager, Mr. Johnson to the social work department for a Psychosocial Assessment. During a social pass, Mr. Johnson relapsed and came back to the half-way highly intoxicated and was given a breathalyzer on the spot and the results were .6, which is a violation of the Federal Bureau of Corrections; and he could be sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his time or be sanctioned will additional time in the half-way house. Mr. Mack has two- months left before his release and has not had any incidents, been incompliant, and is working a fulltime job. Mr. Mack has twin 13 years- old daughters, Alexis and Alicia, who are working on building a relationship and dealing the tension from his ex-wife, …show more content…

He appears to be struggling with his past and current lifestyle and keeping up appearances with his friends. Mr. Mack arrive on time for our first session, wearing high-end designer clothing, well- groomed, and nails manicured. He says that he is 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of muscle and no that he is good looking. He was very arrogant and flamboyant and was wearing expensive jewelry. At the start of the session, he ranted about how he does not understand why his case manager think his relapse, because of a few beers. He was sat in the chair very stern, however he was wearing shades and refused to remove them. He started discussing how much he hated his ex-wife, Karen and cousin, Rico for snitching on him to the “Feds”. He expressed that anger will not let him forgive them and if he sees his cousin, Rico, he does not know what he would do to him. He expressed that he may need help with the anger and resentment he has towards his wife and cousin. He has guilt about being away from his daughter for so long, but blames his ex-wife too. His guilt started while he was serving time and not being able to see them grow up. • Source of Data Allen Mack came in every Monday at 6:00pm for an hour-long session, starting June1st and ending August 10th, a day before his

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