Allen Verhey's Arguments Against Abortion

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Allen Verhey raises different and valid points that scripture is to be read as a canon. However, he also makes an argument that scripture should not be treated as a “medical text.” Elaborating on this idea, it does suggest that it might be purely fundamental way of thought and attitude, if one used scripture for one’s personal and selfish purpose or even took the scripture literal. It is noteworthy to read that Verhey also states about treating scripture as “dated” with respect to the medical practice in the contemporary context, is a “corruption of the practice.” This is true especially when the readers of scripture, which can be a non-believer, or in other contexts, Christians themselves can consider scripture to be a piece of text that…show more content…
The author states that the scripture mentions about miscarriage but it seems that the Old Testament or New Testament period did not consider abortion as a preferable option, primarily because God commanded the living and human being to have dominion over the Earth. It begs the question when and how humans came to think about abortion? As men and women, respectively, each one understand his or her participation in the reproduction and giving birth to children, I do wonder what made humans think about destroying a life, even though one want to avoid being judgmental in asking if the child is a human? Looking back at the Old Testament, and the first murder committed by a brother, one can compare the cause of killing. It is jealousy and fear of being better than the other. Thinking of the women like Sarah who did not bear any child until the birth of Issac, it appears that the use of medicine was not in action in that period. It was God’s grace and power making things impossible. However, in the world of medicine, when there are certain circumstances and a crucial decision has to be made, people like Aristotle and Plato recommend abortion. In a contemporary society, abortions are part of one’s life, whether as a single parent or a couple that is unmarried and lives
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