Alley Cats Research Paper

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Throughout history we have bred and studied cats to invent different breeds and also to eliminate troublesome character traits. The result of controlled breeding, as well as genetic science, created many of the different cat breeds you see today. These genetic breeds, that were introduced in the last decade, included non shedding breeds as well as hairless cats. Most of us can recognize many of the breeds today and know them by name, like the Calico, Persian, and the Tabby.

Presently there are well over seventy breeds known and cat registries keep track of all these breeds. In many of these breeds their are variations, which include wild cats that have a longer tail and longer hair.

Some of the most common domestic breeds native to North America are the long haired, Persian, and the Alley cat. The Siamese breed can also be found commonly in North America. Siamese breeds tend to have a bad temper and
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The Japanese Bobtail, which was native to Japan, has been recorded over a thousand years ago. The Japanese Bobtail is now gone, and only stories of it exist.

North America 's most common feline is the Alley cat. The name Alley cat in reality refers to many different breeds, but most people simply call them Alley cats. There is no shortage of Alley cats in the world, literally hundreds of thousands of these cats exist today. Many Alley cats are homeless because of over breeding. In many cities across America controlled breeding programs have been put into place. These controlled breeding programs work by catching wild cats, neutering them, and then setting them free.

The best way to tell what breed a cat may be is to look for some of the distinctive characteristics of particular breeds. Most people can instantly tell if the feline in question is Siamese by its distinct eyes and black color. By examining the body type and hair characteristics, Persian breeds are easily
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