The Pros And Cons Of Alley Gates

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Alley gates are installed gates installed to prevent offenders in alleyways and gated communities. Alley gates is to prevent offenders accessing to alleys and connected properties and is very difficult to climb over the gates. It is supposed to decrease the crime for offenders not to commit burglary in the areas. In these communities, it is very important to encourage the residents that they are responsible for making sure the gates are closed and increase surveillance that might reduce crime in the area. In the lecture, Afflitto (n.d.) explains that Alley-gating attempts to prevent this by fitting gates across alleyway access points. Alley-gating is used to prevent burglaries from happening, which includes strengths and weaknesses of the alley-gating…show more content…
Also, it could possibly reduce the opportunity for groups of people to cause any disturbance in the community. When a community is in a gated area, one feels like they are in a safer community and is fear of crime. Deutsch (2017), defines crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) as a crime reduction strategy that acknowledges the potential to reduce opportunities for criminal behavior through a secure layout and design of the built environment to prevent damage from the force of the elements and natural disasters (2017). The strengths of alley-gating in communities are supposed to bring communities together and not afraid to leave and return back home. CPTED seeks to build a physical atmosphere advantageous to the overall safety of the community by using defensible space and improving surveillance. For example, living in any gated community, residents feel safe and is usually in a quiet neighborhood. You expect the gated community to have less traffic and less crime in the communities. The gates should open inward and make sure the gate does not give the burglar a foothold to climb over the gate. However, the fact that alley-gating in the community has many benefits, there are also disadvantages in alley-gating as well that residents do not look at while in a gated

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