Allie And Juliet Character Analysis Essay

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• One of the complications here in the story is when Allie realized that her true love is Noah while she is currently engaged with Lon. After realizing this, Allie pushed herself to make a decision to choose between the two and ended up being with Noah despite of her parents being against them. • Person to Person This conflict is directed to Allie. After realizing that her true love is Noah, she was scared on hurting her family and Lon, the other person that she fell in love with. But in the end, she realized that it is her life and she is the only one that can control it. • Person vs Self This conflict is directed to Noah. This conflict happens when the old Noah is reading their story to Allie who has an Alzheimer’s disease. He is fighting against his sadness and anger and frustration while caring for his wife, while still being in love with her. • The action stops rising in the movie when Noah and Allie were separated by her parents. Allie and her mother went to New York and by the time that Noah came to see her on their house, it was already too late. He keep sending letters to Allie everyday but he received nothing on return so he decided to join the army and on the other hand, Allie volunteered as an army nurse and met Lon. They dated and later on got engaged with him. The story reached its climax…show more content…
She remember little bits and pieces from time to time, but then retreats to a place where she no longer recognizes her family even Noah, the love of her life. Noah patiently reads to the aging Allie from his notebook each day. As each day begins, she believes that her "friend" Noah is telling her someone else 's story. It is "their" story, but most often she does not remember. Though it breaks his heart to feel as if he is losing more of Allie each day, Noah continues to tell their story, and he finds great joy when she sees in him the man she married so many years
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