Allie Maples Character Analysis

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War- Allie Maples had come to hate the word more than anything else in her world, she tried to shut it out of her mind when she heard it spoken, but the word echoed through her ears as she raced toward the lake behind her father‘s plantation. That is all everyone is talking about theses days. Why they cannot find something else to talk about is beyond me, thought Allie as she made her way to the gazebo; apprehensively, she sat down. She could not even enjoy the sanctity of her favorite place on her father’s plantation because of all the war talk.
The lake behind their home had always been one of Allie’s favorite places to go, when she needed to be alone. When they were younger, her mother would bring her and her siblings there on warm summer
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Ever since Allie was a small child, just the sound of the word Yankee, caused mild revulsion and a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. From what she had heard from her father, Yankees were an intolerant, ill-mannered, and slightly ignorant breed; at least, that was his opinion of them. However, just the past Christmas, Allie had gotten to know one Yankee quite well, and he was not ignorant at all. Quite the opposite, Thomas Jackson seemed to be very intelligent. At least he was smart enough to win Allie’s heart and cause her to fall in love with him.
Allie first mey Thomas when she and her mother had gone to Charleston to spend two weeks with her grandparents. Of course, she did not know Thomas was born a Northerner when she first encountered him, otherwise she would have completely ignored him when she saw him on the streets of Charleston, and again when her cousin, Eli Harris, introduced them at Millie Roberts birthday party… Allie had not told anyone about Thomas, not even her best friend Ada Joy, and she had always told Ada
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The awkward hoops and binding stays women wore, caused her to feel smothered; Allie despised them. Paris fashions were changing; she noticed that the dresses on the mannequins swept down from an empire waist and hugged the body. Determined she wanted her new dresses made in this fashion because they would be much more comfortable, Allie purchased the magazine and several dress patterns in that style. Her mother objected, however she soon gave in to Allie’s
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