Allie Monologue

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So let’s be straight-up about this: Allie is very good at talking her way out of bad situations and she knows it. Fast-thinking and charismatic, she’s a sweet-talking, attention-diverting master, and she plays to it a lot. In that way, she’s a kind of strategist -- not in “battle” but in social situations. It’s like how you outfit a character in a tabletop game for different scenarios and some are just have naturally good stats in the persuasive or emotional fronts, you know? Allie can work the scene, be it in benign school settings or life-or-death talks. This is only if she’s being herself and not trying to think as someone else would, mind you. Allie isn’t good with impersonations. She tries a few times to use Megaria’s mask to be other people and-- yikes. She can’t get the way other people speak down. Rather, she uses other people’s perceptions of her or the scenario to fit her…show more content…
This is not to say Allie can’t fight physically with the best of them. No, she’s very willing to outrun, stand her ground, what have you, if it comes to it -- but an enemy that can’t be fought with words or mind games, one that can either outmaneuver her or simply won’t listen, that gets her hot under the collar and not thinking straight, and when Allie isn’t working the angles and instead acting on pure emotion, that can lead to her misstepping and tripping up. Putting aside situations in which she had to impersonate other people, because she is definitely out of her element there, the best case of this is when the Cloak of Dark Illusion was attached to her. She couldn’t talk her way out of getting it off of her, nor could she talk down it tapping into her darkest, deepest desires and destructive thoughts, and that put people in danger. When people are in danger -- especially because of her -- she panics and makes what could be the first bad decision, such as running away to the Darkness
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