Alligator Comparison: Crocodile Vs. Emporia School

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The major difference between crocodiles and alligators is how the alligator is known for its U shaped snout, while a crocodile has a V shaped snout. And just like the slight difference between those two species, schools really are the same way. Their differences almost invisible to the eye, unless they're critically accounted for. And, in metaphorical terms, Chase County could be classified under the term alligator, while Emporia being a crocodile. Although many people don't even bat an eye when choosing which one they prefer there is a major difference, causing to be a downfall to most choosing Emporia schools instead. Although the crocodile is more well known, most seem to overlook how the alligator is obviously superior. Such as a small school, like Chase County. Although it is a 7th-12th grade school, everyone seems to know each other, along with the teachers knowing their students. They can fully connect and help each student individually, as there is few others in that class; unlike other schools. It can be viewed as "a diamond in the rough" due to the excellence in hands on learning, and the few people knowing of its wonderful teaching methods.…show more content…
"I've never seen a fight happen at my school before." Says Chase County residence Tatiana Palenske. "Everyone really is just chill and we all get along." Unlike Emporia, which seems to hold a plethora of bad influences for adolescent minds. There is no drug usage used at Chase County, due to weekly visits of a drug dog, and there never has been a huge fight before. Such as how Alligators prefer fresh water, while Crocodiles are found of brackish water. Chase County tends to stay clean away from things such as wild parties involving alcohol and teenage pregnancy, while Emporia schools have been to known to have a few 'brackish'

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