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Alligator in Blue Jeans The appearance of the alligators in the middle of "Blue Jeans", the music video by Lana Del Rey, is remarkably diverse to the rest of the music video. Instead of cuddling with a male actor as usually presented in many conventional love music videos, Del Rey grinds herself to the alligator as if she copulates with the alligator. However, the switch of the camera from a tattooed man, her lover, to the alligator suggests audience that the alligator is her lover; yet, it may be a shape of her lover 's transformation, or it may be a metaphorical term of her lover 's hunting or womanizing behavior. That is to say, there might be significance of inserting such an animal into the music video. Producers of most music videos…show more content…
To put it another way, in deeper layer, and to consider along with the lyrics, the alligator may have an implication about Del Rey and her lover 's lifestyles – that they live like wild animals. Wildlife is usually used as symbolism of untamed and/or free beings in nature. Again, it may remind audience of sexual relation; however, the point of discussion is different from the above one for it is not about reproduction. To be young, wild, and free, in other words, is to live carelessly about the future, or having lifestyle(s) which contrasts to social norm and/or order. The lyrics "big dreams, gangsters" hints that Del Rey 's lover, a bad boy, in order to give her better life, chooses to commit a crime which may be drug trafficking…show more content…
After all, it seems to me that, using a symbol is a good choice to intensify the image or characteristics which creators want to share with audience. Nonetheless, people have different experiences; sometimes these various factors expose audience to misinterpretation, and some producers feel that they fail in their duty to render ideas to audience. Anyway, to me, the most important thing when people analyse a work is not just to understand the creator 's purpose, but to pull out and use personal experience to interpret and reveal our own understandings. As long as there are adequate supports, it is not wrong to manifest new ideas. Besides, for producers, some of them may think that they fail to communicate with audience, yet some of them, and I also, think that if audience gives even little thoughts about our works after they are finish, we already carry the day. All in all, to be ambiguous is somewhat tricky because it could give a work attractiveness which is very important in creating an art work. Likewise, the alligator in "Blue Jeans" is not inserted just to provoke audience imagination about sex or to create romanticized scene. The alligator can also infer to a dangerous man, a dangerous life, something beastly and so on. In my opinion, both interpretations, an alligator-man as a representation of a hunter/womanizer or as a representation of wildlife, are possible and even can be merged together to understand the key role of an alligator-man in the

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