Alligator Persuasive Essay

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Man and nature do not have the best of a relationship, which is proven by the way alligators are murdered just for our clothing preferences. Leather is made from the finest of animal skin including alligator. Many people know someone who owns leather, but would they still own it if they knew how it was made? We should not use alligator skin for leather when they were close to extinction once before (Were Alligators almost Extinct). Alligators are abused, poisoned and alive hours after being "murdered" for their skin. Alligators are drugged so they will not hurt or put someone in danger while at the slaughterhouse. They are beaten and not properly feed the whole time they are there. Feeding the alligators is an important factor,…show more content…
Alligators who stay in the slaughterhouse are mentally unstable (Slaughtered and Skinned). Many show signs of stress by fighting with other alligators. Others pile on top of one another which is another sign. All of these things are what is causing the alligator population to go down. Alligators should be wild, free animals who should not be worrying about what is going on around them. This needs to come to a stop. Why kill animals for leather when there are other options for making leather (International Conference on Biofabrication)? Biofabrication is one alternative to make leather. This is when one takes skin cells from an alligator and use it to duplicate it into looking as leather in a lab. Painting fabric in the pattern of leather is another good alternative.This is good because you get the same look and feel of leather but its animal free (Gibson). This would decrease the percent of alligators going extinct because this would give people the satisfaction of alligator skin but it would be the alternative. So in this world filled with hate why not let animals be what God wanted them to be, animals. Alligators are abused and mentally unstable until the point when they are killed by a metal rode that is inserted into the brain. Alligators are exotic animals and should be free and wild. Population of the alligators are slowly decreasing, we could make a
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