Allisongoba Hotel Case Study: Information System Management

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Introduction Information system design has been adopted by most organisations worldwide to better the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations. In definition information system design is basically examining, analysing a problem and then creation of the solutions. This report is going to show problem and solution of Allisongoba hotel case study.

Brief Summary of Case study

Allisongoba hotel has been around for a very long time, it uses different technique of keeping records. The records include keeping records of each client that makes a reservation on the hotel. Traditionally, hotels have kept paper records in filing cabinets. Nevertheless, hotels have grown operations much bigger now more clients to keep track of with
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They are different problems which have been affecting the operations of the hotel to be unmanageable these shown in the case study. Technological strategies have to be implemented to better operations of the hotel and further increase competence. High revenue is going on maintenance of the hotel and record keeping; a technological system should be implemented to keep these records.
Allisongoba hotel seek a way to create a website for customers; they need the website to be integrated to global online market places. The functions of website should be able to be accessed on mobile phone or tablet. Function of the website should allow their customers to make reservations online through the website. Amongst other functions website would enable customers to make a hotel reservation, print reservation receipt or delete reservation and rebook.
A budget of $100000 has been accepted for the entire project to be initiated and a deadly of project is due in 6months.
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Marketing of the hotel through a trusted, secure and recognised trusted website and booking system. The employees or guest will go through the registration form and fill in details and preferences in system. If they want do a check-in and the system will automatically give the vacant room to the guest.
The booking system will produce a sales report to the manager and print a guest folio that shows the bill of the guest. The system will help to make their booking and sales statements. Furthermore the system will help in manual recording of clients in keeping of their records and accounts would be easier and to retrieve it any time they want.

How the proposed system

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