Alliteration In Beowulf Essay

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All the warriors gather to celebrate Beowulf because he defeats Grendel. Alliteration is used “morning” and “many” to emphasize A stressed syllable of “warrior” is used to demonstrate that the warriors that have gathered in the morning are stronger than any demon such a Grendel. The line is then broken up with commas leaving “as I’ve heard” (837) in the center slowing down the line for a dramatic pause. This causes the reader wanting to learn about the gossip of what was heard. The alliteration “ flocking from far”(838) gives off a smooth echo sound, creating an image of the distance the clan-chiefs have from the monster’s footprints. The people look at the “wide-ranging roads”(839) Grendel travels on. The spondee stretches out the words emphasizing the wide…show more content…
Grendel should be the one to feel shame as it is stressed “ignominious”(842). Grendel is slowly dying, “...away, exhausted” (843). This draws a picture of Grendel potentially panting. Away lets out a sigh and is followed by a comma to pause for a breath, demonstrating Grendel’s exhaustion on his long journey. An alliteration follows, “beaten in battle, bloodying”(844). This emphasizes how Beowulf brutally hurt Grendel leading him to his death. Grendel then drags himself to “his doom to the demons’ mere”(845). It is as if we hear Grendel falling because the word doom is heavy like a body falling. The slight consonance, “water wallowed”(846) displays an image of Grendel’s home filling with blood exposing his end. There are stressed syllables and enjambment to paint the picture of Grendel’s bloody home, “loathsome upthrows and overturnings of waves and gore”(847-848). The enjambment pulls the blood scene all together into the crime scene. Heorot celebrates the murder of Grendel and the reading allows one to see the clear image of what the crowd is happy to see, Grendel
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