Little Dorrit Analysis Essay

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The Introduction
“Through Dickens’ descriptions of London and its people, one can gauge the fact that his engagement with the Victorian city and its inhabitants goes way beyond the depiction of characters of the narrative as mere caricatures occupying space in a dull and lifeless city; but instead his creative genius lies in his ability to tap into the city’s vibrancy and miscellaneity by personifying the space with the complexity of dynamic attributes of both diversity and randomness that embodies the spirit and lifestyle of Victorians who inhabit Britain’s capital” (Williams 1973: 154). The following paper, through the use of extracts from two of Dickens’ works (one an article from a journal and the other one his novel, Little Dorrit), attempts
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In Conclusion
Conjuring up the living image of the city whether in terms of bustling with activity and splendour or spluttering with grief and disappointment tells us something very poignant about “Dickens’ vision of the city as a place that’s breathing the same air as its inhabitants and is only alive in the same way as its residents” (Foss, 2010). In this paper the dynamic relationship between London and its people was analysed using two different sources to highlight the interconnected as well as the interdependent relationship between the city and its
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