Alliteration In Ozymandias

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In the span of time power is meaningless, accomplishments will be forgotten and all that will remain is a fragment of your name. Just like Ozymandias, our own accomplishments will be long forgotten after we are gone. To better understand the meaning of being forgotten, Percy Bysshe Shelley uses literary devices such as alliteration, personification, and strong imagery. Alliteration is used to describe the nothingness that is left by the great king Ozymandias. The goal of life as it is, is to make a name that will not be forgotten in centuries to come. According to this poem, king “Ozymandias” has failed and now only a broken statue is left in his greatness. Percy Shelley uses the alliterations “boundless and bare and, lone and level” to display the setting which is around the shattered statue. Despite Ozymandias’s greatness, he is now left in barren desert where his name can be forgotten and drift into the dunes. Another alliteration that has deep meaning behind the whole poem is, “And wrinkled lip, and sneer a cold command.” It states that Ozymandias has a “cold command,” meaning that he is now being forgotten and left because…show more content…
The poem tells us that Ozymandias was a great leader in his opinion, but in contrary it could be the exact opposite according to his people. “The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed them.” This quote uses personal body parts to display people’s emotion, in the treatment of Ozymandias. As stated in the quote above “the hand that mocked them,” refers to how Ozymandias mocked and downgraded his people to feel like a true ruler. On the contrary, it says that Ozymandias feeds and provides for his people. Apparently the only thing that Ozymandias’s people remembered was his harsh treatment and his vicious mocking. Subsequently this lead to Ozymandias’s people wanting to forget those horrid memories, and the only way they could was to abandon his mighty
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