Autumn Trees Twirled Analysis

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“Autumn Leaves”
The twisting trees twirled
As the fall leaves fell,
I stood in awe
Taking is the smell of autumn.
5 I quickly realized
How fast the world changed
And promised to never waste
Another minute of another day. 8 lines *Alliteration: “twisting trees twirled” (1) “fall leaves fell” (2) “Our Song”
Under the blue sky
We all waved goodbye,
We all tried hard
Not to see each other cry. 5 We knew it wouldn’t be long
Before we could once again and sing our song;
So we said so long
And all stayed strong. 8 lines *Rhyme scheme: aaba “Sunsets”
As we walked down the beach, we couldn’t help but wonder how these sunsets were so beautiful. Oranges and yellows like the leaves of fall, 5 Pinks and purples
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In the curtain of night, 5 They begin to fight
For things they believe are right.
They soon come to realize all they can do is play their part,
Unless they want to break another’s heart. 8 lines *Metaphor: “the world is a stage” (1), “the curtain of night” (4) “Stage Fright”
As brave as a lion I walked on stage,
I was shaking like a jackhammer.
Nervousness coursing through my veins like blood,
I began my first line. 5 With as much confidence as I could,
I shouted my line like a yeti.
Before I knew it, it was over.
Like the sudden end to a great book.
I stood for the applause,
10 Then trotted off the stage like a horse running for an apple. 10 lines *Simile: “as brave as a lion” (1), “shaking like a jackhammer” (2), “coursing through my veins like blood” (3), “shouted my line like a yeti” (6), “trotted off the stage like a horse” (10) “Crayola Nightmare”
I sped home from work,
Running stop signs and lights like there was no tomorrow.
I pranced through the door,
Only to find a ghastly sight. 5 Every color imaginable was plastered to my walls.
I searched the house for the
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I ran through the mud,
The clouds blanketed the sky.
For hours the droplets escaped the darkness above, 10 Only to be interrupted by a ray of sunshine.
Soon breathtaking stripes of color filled the sky.
I finally came to appreciate the calm after the storm. 12 lines *Personification: “Lightening danced across the sky” (5), “thundered pounded over us” (6), “clouds blanketed the sky” (8), “droplets escaped the darkness” (9) “Vacation”
I was jumping with joy when I heard the news
We were going on vacation!
We were going to Atlanta,
I quickly packed and threw my luggage in the car. 5 We arrived at the airport and boarded our plane.
I shoved my headphones in and fell asleep.
I woke up the bouncing of the plane on the runway.
I slid up the shade and looked out the window in shock,
There was snow everywhere! 10 I turned to my mother and she had a big smile on her face.
Confused as ever I frantically questioned her,
To my amazement, I read her text wrong!
We were going to ALASKA not Atlanta!
Upon leaving the plane, we had a frigid walk to the hotel, 15 It was so cold polar bears were wearing sweaters.
Not my ideal vacation. 16 lines *Hyperbole: “so cold polar bears were wearing sweaters”

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