Allstar Competitive Advantage

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Competitive Advantage and Long-term Vision As the Allstar brand continues to be one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies who manufactures quality over the counter (OTC) cold and allergy medicine, our long-term vision is to build and gain a competitive advantage over the top competitor in the business marketplace. By gaining and maintaing a great competitive advantage, this will enable Allround to increase their market share and profitability. One way the company plans on reaching these long-term goals is by investing more in marketing. Focusing on increasing both the direct and indirect sale force. The new merchandisers will provide special support to retailers for their in-store activities, such as shelf location, pricing, and compliance…show more content…
The team’s overall objective is to enhance the company’s performance goals while keeping cost low. First, the team will focus on ways to increase market shares. Increasing market shares will aid in the company in obtaining new and keeping current customers. This will mean branding Allround with stronger and more effective advertising messages. Advertising is the number one factor when communicating to customers informing them about the brands available and the variety of products offered to them ( Although the company AllStar leads the market in OTC cold and allergy, better advertisements can help the company to gain an even greater percentage of its market segment. Focusing on advertisement, the MMT will also work with the companies direct and indirect sales force to ensure that the brand gets eye-catching placement on…show more content…
The goal of the MMT is to ensure that AllStar Brands’, Allround has the highest stock price and income in the industry. To be successful in the area, the team will work to introduce new products and improve existing ones in order to remain competitive in the industry. Key Success Factors In order for Allround to successfully execute is marketing strategy. The MMT team will work towards the following key success factors: • Utilizing one or both of two reformulation opportunities: The MMT will carefully consider its two options either to remove the cough suppressant or the alcohol for its formulas. Although both formulas provide relief and rest to consumers, the team will look into the concerns that the consumers view alcohol as a negative attribute. • Line Extension: During the appropriate time, the team will decide to enhance its line considering a 4-hour cold liquid for children, a 12-hour multi system capsule or a 4-hour liquid for coughs. • New Product: When able, the team will work on expanding Allround products. This can include a 4-hour allergy capsule, a cold spray or a line extension not previously used. Because the company has submitted approval to the government on the non-drowsy products, this too will be considered for a new product
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