Allusion In 'Theme For English B' By Langston Hughes

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In the poem “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes many Literary elements are being used and there is a meaning behind the poem. within the poem. One of the elements is allusion. Hughes uses many allusions throughout the poem such as, Durham, Harlem, New York, Eighth Avenue, Bessie, and Bach. These allusions reference the schools Hughes went to and where he lives. They also represent what kind of contemporary entertainment he enjoys. He also uses quite a few enjambments to drive the poem forward. The enjambments bring the lines together, even though there is a line break the idea of the line continues on. A example of one of Hughes’s enjambments is “ I guess you learn from me--/ although you’re older”(Hughes 38-39). The literal meaning of…show more content…
He uses many literary elements that include, rhyming, rhyme scheme, and end rhyme. His poems are also not light hearted and funny but are about more serious matters. In his poem “Toast to Dayton” every other line rhymes. For example in “Toast to Dayton” passion rhymes with fashion which is two lines below it, and know rhymes with flow, and flow is two lines below know. In “The Debt” each line rhymes with the next line making every two lines a couplet. In Dunbar’s poem “Sympathy” there is end rhyme present but no real rhyme scheme. Those are some of the rhythmic elements Dunbar uses in his writing. Dunbar writes his poems on very serious matters, such as life and dreams and identity. In his poem “We Wear the Mask” Dunbar writes about people wearing masks but the true meaning of the poem is how people will try to hide their identity to look like a better more perfect person. In his poem “Life” dunbar writes about how life is not always good and at t8imes life seems to be really bad. He also points out in his writing that we would not know what good is if we don’t experience bad. Those are some examples of how Dunbar writes most of his poetry on serious
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