Allusion, Pathos, And Figurative Language In Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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Ralph Ellison, born March 1, 1914, a member of the Communist party, was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was a writer, scholar, and a critic. The Tuskegee graduate, is most known for his book, Invisible Man. His father died while he was young and his mother raised him and his brother alone. In this novel, Ellison utilizes allusion, pathos, and figurative language to effectively write this story.

Ellison alludes to what it was like to be black in America, Louis Armstrong, and Edgar Allan Poe. He grew up in a time when racism, segregation, and Jim Crow laws were in around. He constantly refers to himself as “blind” and “invisible” throughout the novel. In the eyes of Caucasians at that time, blacks were nothing and weren’t seen as
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