Allusions In Brave New World

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Since the beginning of human civilization, a form of government has been enacted to ensure a nation’s continuity; however, these institutions often become exceedingly powerful over their people. In Brave New World, the author, Aldous Huxley creates a theme expressing the significant danger that resides in the existence of extreme, administrative control over a populace, as leaders will retain their power continuously and unregulated. At the time when the this narrative was devised, the rise of communism and dictatorships were a threat to human rights. Through the creation of the dystopian society indicated in the novel, people are able to realize the effects of these types of governments. The thematic political issues are developed by utilizing…show more content…
In the conversation between Mustapha Mond and John, it is explained that different concepts become neglected by the World State to sustain its social stability. The World Controller indicates the removal of poetry and literature that Shakespeare created for the purpose of preventing people from feeling emotions that disrupt society. However, John expresses “ the right to be unhappy,” indicating that an extreme amount of control and restraint depletes any attempt to think individually. The author indicates as well, that a book on biology is rejected by Mond as he deems it could potentially cause social instability. This restriction of knowledge that Mustapha Mond converses about entices the idea that limitation is fallacious for the reason that there will never be new reforms nor ideas. Perhaps, if one was inspired by Shakespeare or the biology book, it is possible that a new method on how to govern the people properly could be created. However, this will cease to occur as the World State deters these events by the elimination of literature pieces that pose a threat to its rein. The presence of poetry and religion is outlawed to the point where there remains an extreme fear of the concepts by officials, as seen with Mond responding “It's all right, Director,’ he said in a tone of faint derision, "I won't corrupt them,"to calm the D.H.C about the World Controller's possession of the Bible.” The Director is clearly afraid of the fact that if people comprehend the religious text, then the World State is doomed because people will revolt and create a naturally favored, political government. After reading the novel, the reader can acknowledge the historical allusion warning of a power that a dictatorship encompasses as during the time it was written,
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