Allusions In Pride

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Many strong leaders have died fighting for what they believe in. Although most of these strong leaders helped to change society for the better, they are not always remembered. Sometimes, these leaders need to be recognized again. The song, “Pride” enforces the importance of these powerful martyrs and justifies that these leaders were only fighting to improve the world. Bono, the author of the song “Pride,” achieves his purpose of emphasizing that many fallen heros died because they were fighting for the greater good of humanity, through the use of powerful allusions, a strong tone, and consistent repetition. Bono uses identifiable allusions to achieve his purpose. He does this by using these allusions as examples of these inspirational leaders that he is referring to as well as showcase the importance of their protests. For example, the author alludes to the famous leader Martin Luther King Jr. by singing, “Early morning, April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life. They could not take your pride” (U2 21-24). In this stanza, the author sings…show more content…
In this song the tone is ecstatic and fervent. These tones help him emphasize the importance of many fallen heros because it shows his passion like, for example, when he is explaining that they died fighting for good causes. His ecstatic rant helps show his purpose because the energy that the author uses in the song shows the audience that he is passionate and it leads them to feel the same way. His tone can be identified through his lines, “One man washed on an empty beach. One man betrayed with a kiss. In the name of love, What more in the name of love” (12-14). The lyrics are filled with passion and fervent emotion as he screams that these leaders were only protesting in order to help society, but they were killed because of it. Not only did the ardent tone help express the author’s purpose, but the use of anaphora did as
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