Allusions In The Walking Dead

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Although Humanity struggles with their own religious faith, The Walking Dead takes it to a whole new level when the characters are put in an apocalyptic world where it is Vidal to have faith in order to survive. The Walking Dead uses biblical allusions and symbols to emphasize humanity’s need for faith in general, and to demonstrate that survival depends on that faith. Hershel Greene is the ideal Christian who does not question God’s existence. He believes strongly in what he considers to be right and is known to be uncompromising in defense of his morals. Through this post- apocalyptic world, he puts his Christian faith first in order to survive. “Against hopelessness and fear, a little bit of God goes a long long way.” (Tunner. Web) like every Christian, we believe that God will clear the way for…show more content…
Throughout the show, he is seen as an extremely religious man and stays true to being as pure as he can through this catastrophic word. “Hershel is shown as a man that trusted in God to deliver all the answers, and that he understood the situation to be in God’s hands.” (Gaskin. Web) Unlike all the other characters in The Walking Dead, Hershel stays true to his Christian belief and thinks Armageddon is happening because of what Christ spoke about when referencing to raising the dead. Hershel states “and shall come forth; they have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation” (the walking dead. Season 2) This biblical allusion reveals that the ones who doubt resurrection are the ones who doubt God. The biblical allusion also shows how important the bible is on the world and provides a sense of realism. The accurate and realistic use of the Biblical allusion provides reason in itself for why so many people look to the bible to get them through tough times. Hershel portrays how Christian would react to a zombie
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