Allusions In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Today is a time of equal opportunity and astonishing miracles for the human race as an entirety. Blacks are running the country, and women are discovering the unthinkable. The earth is billions of years old, yet just about one hundred years ago, it was a completely different world. Their Eyes Were Watching God is a novel by Zora Neale Hurston in which a character Janie yearns to find love in a time of harsh discrimination and violence. In this bitter setting, it seems that the hardest thing for Janie is to find that love. Hurston reflects the struggle of black women in the early 1900s America. However this author's purpose was to describe how in these times anger and societies denial were the recipe for strength and revival. Hurston uses religious allusions, swaying psychological perspectives, and crude gender roles to relocate the readers from our modern day lives to inside Janie’s consciousness and how a black woman overcame and shattered societal expectations. Soon after Janie was forced into a planned marriage, she realized it got in the way of her self quest to find love. Janie ran away with a man who promised to…show more content…
Women keep quiet to show respect to the men. This is because the men made the money and without them the women thought they would be lost. Men knew the fear the women had and took advantage of their power. Any women to disrespect a man was cruel and insane. When Janie insulted Jody, everyone felt sorrow for the hole she burned in his pride. He let it take him down for days until he remembered he was man, “Joe Starks didn’t know the words for all this, but he knew the feeling. So he struck Janie with all his might and drove her from the store” (80). Jody shows his power through hate. All along Janie had been searching for love when really she had it in her all along. She learned love is more powerful than hate and found self realization of herself as an independent black
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