Allusions In Young Goodman Brown

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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” illustrates a tale of a newlywed husband, Goodman Brown, that suddenly, one night ventures out into the dark deep woods of Salem through Boston. In this journey, Goodman encounters many evil, wicked and tempting events. These events and encounters illustrate the conflicts of his weak inner believes that represent his society at its time. By its end, this journey and sequenced events drastically alliterate this character’s inner believes, and changes him for the rest of his life. This romanticist short story is the symbolized truth behind the figment of a perfect, sinless, and moral society.
Throughout the story, many heavy biblical references can be grasped that reinforce the reader to think in a
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In this ceremony the town people were being baptized with what seemed like blood in a cemetery as participants of sin and “conscious of the secret guilt of others, both in deed and in thought, than they could now be of the own.” This Showing how unconscious people are of their own sins, that they worry much more on the appearance that they are good. Soon after losing “Faith” forever, Goodman finds himself back in Salem by morning. Now a bitter man disgusted by the wickedness of others, and he carried this notion on his shoulders to his grave. The supernatural journey of Young Goodman Brown was purposely constructed to be a questionable event. Hawthorne cleverly breathes elements of uncertainty, to emphasize the importance of the effect and the insignificance of the sole event. Real or not, the Devil managed to sprout gloom inside Goodman’s heart. His loss of innocence was inevitable, this figment shattered his beliefs and turned him cold. He was unable to stay grounded while accepting that everyone is capable of great evil, which is what symbolizes the corruptible moral
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