Almost Famous And Sing Street: Film Analysis

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Music has always been something to interpret. But what is to be interpreted today is two similar films; Almost Famous and Sing Street. Almost famous is about a super intelligent young teen that gets accepted into writing an entry for the popular Rolling Stones magazine. On the other hand, Sing Street is about a teen that starts his own band to get a girl and escape from what challenges him. The films can easily be compared and contrasted. Almost famous is set in America in the 1970s where he is taken away from his home in San Diego to pursue a tour with the band Stillwater. The protagonist, William, has a mentor named Lester Bangs who gives him the ropes and pulleys on reviewing music. William also has a love interest named Penny Lane who, in the beginning, uses William to get the lead guitarist of Stillwater. William’s mother is widowed but works as a professor at a college and supports the family. The sister of the protagonist was tired of restrictions from their mother; eventually leaving the house to become a flight attendant. William’s sister leaves her record collection leading him to become involved in music and the art behind it. Sing Street is set in Dublin, Ireland in the 1980s. With…show more content…
He matures from dealing with a rough home life and getting the girl of his dreams. By the end of the film, Conor appears more adult-like as he sails off with Raphina to live on his own. While Sing Street does a nice job expressing this theme, Almost Famous pulls it off on a wider scale. William is thrown out of his coddled life-style to go on tour with a rock band. He discovers the world from a different perspective and ends up being thrown into more adult situations. Not only does William grow throughout the movie, most band members, including Penny Lane, find a new maturity as
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