The Importance Of Sunburn In Infants

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Direct exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn in infants. In order to make your kid relieved from sunburn effect as it dehydrates the body; it is necessary that he/she consumes a lot of liquid to keep the skin highly hydrated and keep them out of reach from direct sun until healed. It’s not a serious issue, but natural remedies available at home are more likely to recover the sunburns fast. Also, if your kid is 1 year old or less and feels pain, lethargy, blisters or fever than do contact a good pediatrician.
Following are easy-to-use, important and homely tips to soothe mild sunburns on skin.
1. Ice:
Use of ice gives a cooling sensation on sunburn areas. Collect some ice cubes on a soft towel and gently rub on the affected area. Never apply
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Sandalwood & Turmeric Paste:
Sandalwood & Turmeric are ancient products. They are considered to be the most effective Ayurvedic remedy. Both these herbs provides a cooling effect on burnt skin. Combine equivalent amount of each of these herbs in a little cool water; apply to the sunburned affected area and rest it for 15 to 20 minutes.
12. Increase intake of Sunflower Seeds:
Sunflower Seeds carries a huge amount of Vitamin E, which help to reduce uneasiness of sunburn. Also, you can gently rub vitamin E products on the affected area to get cooling effects. You can even use soybean oil, wheat germ and raw nuts.
13. Coconut Oil:
Coconut Oil can be used as mild sunscreen lotion. It helps in cooling down the burn effect and reduces the redness on the skin quickly. In addition to this, lavender and helichrysum oils are also helpful. Theses oils can be even used as spritz on skin whenever required.
All these remedies are very much safe to use when it comes to the health of an infant/toddler/child. In order to keep your baby away from getting sunburns, you should take proper care and precautions such as wearing sunglasses, applying mild baby sunscreen lotion, not to expose body in direct sunlight, etc. Seek proper medical help if

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