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Aloha Construction Answers 2 Common Questions About Siding Aloha Construction is a premier roofing and siding contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This year, the company will be celebrating their ten year anniversary, and want to share some of their expertise with you. They’ve completed over 20,000 home repair jobs in Illinois alone, so they are clearly experts in the field. Dave Farbaky founded Aloha Construction in 2008 with his mission statement in mind: accountability, responsibility, and ethics in all that they do. Since then, the company has grown but their core values have not changed. Now Aloha Construction has two offices, one in Lake Zurich and one in Bloomington, and serves homeowners across the state. They continue to…show more content…
It is easily scratched, dented, and damaged by high winds and hail. It is also very hard to replace because color matching new pieces to those already dulled and faded by the sun is difficult. Finally, aluminum siding can be loud and make noise during hot days and high winds. If you want to know which is better, Aloha Construction has the answer: choose vinyl siding for your home! Should I Hire a Local Siding Contractor or DIY the Project? Most homeowners love their houses, and want to invest the money, time, and effort to keep it in top condition. However, some things are outside of the scope of even the handiest man and should be left to the professionals. When it comes to installing vinyl siding, should you hire a local contractor or tackle the project on your own? Aloha Construction recommends always hiring a professional. Installing siding can be much more complicated than it seems on the surface, and much more time consuming as well. Three main reasons to choose Aloha Construction instead of the DIY path is to get the project completed quicker, assure there are no mistakes, and get a 10-year craftsmanship…show more content…
They love sharing helpful information with the community, and answering these two pressing questions is part of that. When it comes to the commonly asked question of vinyl siding vs. aluminum, Aloha COnstruction makes it clear that vinyl is the best option for clients in the Midwest. As far as choosing to DIY your siding project or choose a professional, Aloha Construction lists many benefits to hiring a siding contractor instead of tackling a siding project on your own. You’ll save time, save money in the future with your insurance company, and have peace of mind with the Aloha Construction 10-year craftsmanship warranty. Aloha Construction Does It All Begin working with ALoha COnstruction on your siding project, and you’ll quickly become a part of the family. They offer every service you could need, so you won’t be searching for a new roofing and siding contractor anytime soon. They are experts in exterior maintenance like roof replacements or leak repairs. They also can fix and replace gutters, soffits, fascia, and

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