Aloha Trikke Script Essay

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Aloha Trikke Script
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Introduction: Hello, welcome to Aloha Trikke tours my name is ______ and I’ll be your tour guide today. I’m looking forward to showing you around the island and taking you to some memorable spots. You’ll have a chance to visit the largest public park in Honolulu, learn some neat history, and take a dip in one of our beautiful beaches. Let’s go have fun!

Leave Kings Village: As we pass through Waikiki and go towards Diamond Head, take in the scenery and enjoy the lively city. Notice the transition of going from Waikiki into the more quiet Kapi’olani Park area.
Dillingham Fountain: We’ve arrived at our first stop, the Louise Dillingham Memorial Fountain. In 1967, the fountain was created in memory of Louise Dillingham,
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Queen Kapi’olani Park: Did you know this is the largest and oldest public park in Hawai’i? The park was dedicated as a public place in 1877 by King David Kalakaua. He named the park after his wife Queen Kapi’olani. The park is approximately 500 acres and includes a 3 mile trail as well as tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, and an archery range. Kapi’olani Park is a popular site for outdoor concerts, which are frequently held at the Shell Home. The zoo is also nearby. Locals use this park for a wide range of outdoor activities including picnics, yoga, marathons, and more.
Duke Statue: Our beloved Duke Kahanamoku, the Father of Modern Surfing and six-time Olympic medalist. Duke was born and raised in Waikiki, where he started the Waikiki Beach Boys Club, teaching visitors how to surf and canoe at Waikiki Beach. One of the greatest swimmers in the world, Duke won 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 bronze. Duke was passionate about surfing and went on to spread the art around the world. He was inducted in both the Surfing and Swimming Hall of Fames. Known for his heart of gold, Duke will always be our Hawaiian Ambassador of

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