Alone In The Bayou Essay

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Deep in the night, there is so much life. But tonight, there is one lost person, one lost man, one lost soul. He wanders along a dark path, one without return. His setting surrounds him with darkness, a deep mystery with no one way out, no one exit and no one escape. But, many sights direct towards him, beaming down at him, watching his every move. The wood of a bayou, next to the path this man walks is a still lake, dead. It seems to him that there is no movement in this bayou, but he himself has no idea how many notice his presence. The woods are such a mysterious place. So much life people never even notice, but it is there. Creatures of the night making use of their senses, staring, stalking, eavesdropping on one lost person whom has nowhere…show more content…
Is this man who walks this path innocent or guilty? He continues through, stepping carelessly. He is being loud, and those watching do not seem very pleased. The eyes in the trees, watching him move. They follow his every move and police him along with a “who” anytime he seems to step out of place. Bright, wide, orange eyes move along the path. The birds of the bayou are harpies, and tend to forgive no one, but the action they witnessed from this man keeps them timid. Next, is those who are observing in the water. The wise of the waters have witnessed plenty who walk this path. They understand that the recklessness of his steps are disturbing the still waters. Those who swim and float stay in the darkness, not pleased with this, but also avoid him out of fear to what they saw. Finally those who walk, step through the barrier of the woods, and follow this man down his path. These are the final judgment. They are relentless to those found guilty, and are the final line. They watched from behind, but now they step forward. The brown coats of the enforcers, the dark stares, they growls and snarl at the man, but he does not stop. They back away, fearful of their target, the silent woods erupt with noise from all around. Whispers and rumors emerge of the man’s actions, yet he
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