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SMP for alopecia Alopecia is a very variable condition that occurs in many forms. Some types of alopecia may be temporary, others are permanent and some are extensive while others are localised. Before treatment, there has to be a preliminary discussion in order to chart the way forward. Temporary forms of hair loss may require the use of temporary SMP (tricopigmentation) as the ink will fade when the hair grows back. Those with chronic alopecia areata will require a full head SMP treatment. The same goes for alopecia totalis only that the hair density has to be replicated from scratch since hair is completely lost. On the other hand, minor forms of alopecia may be treated by partial SMP treatments. 5. Scalp micro-pigmentation cost The two…show more content…
Even hair transplant clinics are now offering hair transplants coupled with SMP. Then there’s also the permanent make-up artists and salons that are now offering SMP procedures. Armed with extensive prior artistic experience involving pigmentation, they are producing impressive results. Different service providers may offer different prices but the expertise and risks involved varies. Those that have highly qualified specialists and unique techniques will naturally cost more. Make use of prior case studies and reviews of other clients to make your choice. Procedure costs In regards to the procedure itself, the cost is usually lower than that of hair transplantation because it’s not a medical procedure. The main determinant of the cost of the procedure is the extent of the area in your scalp that requires pigmentation. A full head SMP treatment will certainly cost more than a minor procedure done on a localised area. Some clinics have standardised prices that are based on the Norwood and Ludwig classification of male and female pattern hair loss respectively. Each grade of the classification corresponds to a specific price. Other than the area of hair loss, there some other factors that will determine the cost of the

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