Alpha Crane: A Short Story

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THE ROOM was filled with tension as the man walked to the distressed girl in the middle of the room. She was limp, her head hanging as she weakly tried to fight against the chains that held her down. Damp, russet hair fell into her face as she used the spaces in-between her hair to look at her attacker. Thick built with a muscular frame and height well over six feet, Alpha Crane greeted her. He was always a handsome man, with his flaxen tresses and honey brown eyes, but the spear in his hands was the only thing the girl was focused on. She didn’t have to sniff the air to know that at the tip of the spear, Argentum would be oozing down. Alpha Crane came equipped, with long, black gloves wrapped around his fingers to prepare for what the girl…show more content…
She bit her bottom lip to stop the tears from falling down her jade eyes. “Answer me!” His shout frightened her, making her cry out. She had been tortured for days straight. Her nerves were jumpy and her body seemed as if it would shut down at any moment. “I—” she stuttered, her mouth quivering erratically. “—I don’t know.” She cringed at the tone of her own voice. She had been screaming so much the past couple of days that her voice had gone raw and arid. Alpha Crane hissed out, his facer turning into a ferocious sneer as he took the spear and sent it into the side of the girls’ neck. Like a glass falling onto a tile floor, a harsh scream broke through her desiccated mouth as the silver entered her blood stream. A sizzling sound came from her neck, making the flesh bubble and smoke uncontrollably. “I’ve been patient with you,” he began, ignoring the girls’ heavy breaths of pain. “But, my patience is wearing out. You will tell me what you know and simply saying ‘I don’t know’ wont suffice—” “—but I don’t know!” The Alpha paused for a second, gritting his teeth as he raised his spear in the air. “Wrong answer.” Gripping the spear, he brought it down with great
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