Alpha Gamma Sigma Reflection Essay

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CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES I have been treasurer of the Extended Opportunity Programs & Service club for two semesters and the Vice President of Alpha Gamma Sigma for one semester. Through my experience in elected offices I have learned skill that have advanced me academically. For instance, while selling newspapers to gather money for Valley Children's Hospital, I had to greet and talk to strangers without hesitation. Not being scared and shy of taking to individuals, has helped me ask intimidating professors questions of topics I did not quite understand. This alone, aided me tremendously as professor instruct at a very fast pace and I would not let myself fall behind, but proceed upward. Being a member and officer of Alpha Gamma Sigma, has taught me…show more content…
As mentioned, my first year of college I had the blessing of a life time, an experience so great that it would switch up my entire career and life. Becoming a father was not the hardest part of it, but the time it consumed out of my study time. As such, when I recently had to devote time and energy into my little one, it seemed like indirectly proportional to my grades. My grades were falling ever so radially, like if a boat was skinning faster and faster. Trying to balance being a father, work to support my family, and school to escape the spiral of poverty in my community was difficult to do. As a result, I had to manage my time better without any leakage of time being wasted. I strongly believe that becoming a parent has taught my time management skills, awareness of what is around me, and how to focus and manage my priorities. With that being said, I continue to succeed academically, currently carrying a 4.0 GPA while also having more responsibilities outside of school than others. However, not only did becoming a parent held me by acquiring new skills sets, but it gave me a sense of urgency, a sense I never felt
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