Alpha Pi Alpha (PTK) Honor Society

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An individual’s character is created from their personal successes, achievements, experiences, failures and life situations. I personally could start out by saying here is a story of an addict who ultimately got herself together after 16 years of addiction to drugs, except that is not what defines me. However, that is part of my story a small part, nonetheless it has a place in my history. Moving forward, today the titles I carry is wife, mother and a student. Being a mom has been my favorite title above all, even with the challenges that has come with it. At the age of 5, when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism, my husband and I was told she would not be able to read, write or basic math skills. Even though she remained non-verbal…show more content…
Therefore, I would say that my most significant endeavor since attending GTCC thus far, was getting inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society, at present I also serve as Vice President for our colleges chapter Alpha Pi Alpha. Our chapter, Alpha Pi Alpha, designed and installed a bee pollination garden as a beautification project for GTCC, that would also benefit the environment. As research has presented there are many types of bees are becoming extinct. With the help and guidance, received from GTCC’s grounds crew, our chapter designed and built a beautiful walkway that is surrounded by plants that specifically attracted pollinator bees. Additionally, a large bee house was built then placed in the garden, which will function as a place for endangered bees to hibernate. Once the garden was completed Alpha Pi Alpha had the honor of dedicating the bee garden to the Dr. Randy Parker, our president who also is a member of PTK. The bee garden project and serving with PTK, has granted an opportunity be part of an incredible fellowship with other officers and members, in addition to sharpening leadership, and soft skills that will develop to be useful with future
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