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The age of the Alpha-female is upon us. Women wanting equality leads them to work. As a result, women now contributing in a household in more ways than the average housewife could. The impact not only occurred within the working female, but to people. Work has projected inner positivity that has led to the strong independent women. Women now can live a life without having to rely on someone else or the society for fulfillment. Co –dependence is in the past. One can say that Rosie the Riveter led this movement, but giving credit to a female cartoon is over rated. The working women during that war did the hard-work. Dropping out of school to work, creating and assembling parts all just to support the war. Those women are the real icons. Not only did women want to continue to work after this event, but it leads to the independent women of today. Independent women are also emotionally independent. Emotional independence can be a number of things such as one’s assertiveness, taking care of one’s self and following your dreams. Children have been greatly influenced by this account. Consequently most children have to parent themselves. Learning how to cook, clean…show more content…
Consequently stay at home fathers are becoming a norm. Women working to put food on the table, yet while their men clean it. The roles have switched completely fathers’ cook, clean, do laundry, parent / tutor, and have book clubs. Yet in some aspects women make more money than their significant other. Never the less women are still the “breadwinners” in the household. Women making six figure salaries having male V.P and secretaries. Women leaving men to feel undermined and not emasculated; resulting in men striving to take over their fierce women in charge. However; on a scale women still make less than males in gross income. However; we can believe this will not be for

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