Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone

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Alphonse Gabriel “Al”Capone was known as one of the most notorious mobsters ever. He was born in Brooklyn, New york January 17,1899 to italian immigrants. Al Capone was the fourth of nine children born to Gabriele and Teresina (Teresa) Capone. Capone 's childhood was a normal one. His father was a barber and his mother stayed home with the children. They were a tight-knit Italian family who were trying to succeed in their new country. Like many immigrant families at the time, the Capone children often dropped out of school early to help earn money for the family. Al Capone stayed in school until he was 14 and then left to take a number of odd jobs. Around the same time, Capone joined a street gang called the “South Brooklyn Rippers and then…show more content…
After his initial advances were ignored, Capone went up to the good-looking woman and whispered profanities in her ear, meaning it to be a “compliment”. The man with her was her brother, Frank Gallucio. Defending his sister 's honor, Gallucio punched Capone. However, Capone didn 't let it end there, he decided to fight back. Gallucio then took out a knife and slashed at Capone 's face, managing to cut Capone 's “left cheek three times (one of which cut Capone from ear to mouth)”. The scars left from this attack led to Capone 's nickname of "Scarface," a name he personally hated. Shortly after this attack at the age of nineteen Al Capone met Mary ("Mae") Coughlin, who was pretty, blonde, middle-class, and came from a respectable Irish family. A few months after they started dating, Mae became pregnant. Al Capone and Mae got married on December 30, 1918, three weeks after their son (Albert Francis Capone, a.k.a. "Sonny") was born. Sonny was to remain Capone 's only…show more content…
Torrio later retired in 1925 handing the control over to Capone, after he was almost killed by North Side gunman . During Capone’s takeover he expanded the business with malicious intent. The North Side gang had a part in Capone 's rise and fall. “ His mutually profitable relationships with mayor William Hale Thompson and the city 's police”, had Led Capone to think that he was safe from law enforcement. Capone apparently revelled in attention, such as the cheers from spectators when he appeared at ball games. He made donations to various charities and was viewed by many to be a "modern day Robin Hood". However, the Saint Valentine 's Day Massacre of gang rivals, ending in the killing of several men out in the open, damaged Chicago 's image. As well as Capone 's leading influential citizens to demand governmental action and newspapers to dub him "Public

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