Robert Walton In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Robert Walton, an Englishman who likes exciting travel, begins a big, important trip to the North Pole. While on this big, important trip he had dreams about from a child, Walton agrees with his sister by letter. In the middle of the ice floes, Walton and his crew found a very tired man traveling by dogsled. This man was near death, and they decided to take him aboard. Once the strange adventurer was almost at full recovery from his injuries and weakness, Robert Walton started to speak with him. They then picked up a friendship. Walton is a very lonely person and has long desired for close companion. The man is lonely and empty, and will not talk about the reason of his travel through the Arctic alone. He decides to tell Walton his long secretive story, after becoming comfortable with him. The speaker is Victor Frankenstein, for whom the book is named. He will be the one who narrates the majority of the novel. Born to a rich family, Victor appreciated an extremely pleasant, peaceful childhood. His parents were nice and they were looked at as great ideals (as shining examples of the…show more content…
At that time, the older Frankensteins choose to pause their frequent traveling, the family finally decides to settle in Geneva. Even Though Victor is something of an outsider, he does have one good friend: Henry Clerval, the man who Victor is attached to. They both have completely different ambitions: Victor has established a great affection for science, while Henry desire is to learn the experiences of human struggle and achievements. Victor's parents then decide that it was time for him to start his studies at a university in Ingolstadt. Before he leaves, Victor's mother died. Her last words on her deathbed were, to see Victor and Elizabeth get married that it would be her greatest desire. Victor then departures for the university, still thinking about his mother and bothered by this separation from his loved
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