Alpine Tundra Research Paper

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There would be no plant growth, so less oxygen for people, and food for certain animals if the sun was blocked.

Short term would be plants deprived of light for growth and food, and long term would be humans and animals being affected greatly from lack of producers.

There will be absolutely no growth of any sort for plants or humans because there would be no sunlight to produce anything, therefore everything will go extinct and there will be no living things on earth. The producers will not have any source to grow, the consumers won’t be alive basically because there is no food source and the predators will die because they too won’t have a food source, the decomposers would become food source’s for the new plants because of adaptation and the world will become overfilled with dead bodies, and the
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Alpine Tundra
Plants can’t grow because the soil is very hard to grow/work with
Also the temperatures make it hard for the plants to grow, and animals to find necessary resource’s
Global warming again plays a big effect on the Alpine Tundra
Also windy chilly weather erodes growing spaces for plants

15. California Coast
Species with the same niche can have trouble more commonly found in this environment
Nonnative plants and animals play a role into the food chain for the native species
Humans use of taking trees, and resource’s away from the natural habitat
The use of land is also taken by humans used for housing businesses etc.

16. Canyon Country
Semi Arid desert, so not much rain which can cause droughts
The top of the canyons are more dry from direct sunlight, so animals and plants are commonly found at the bottom of the canyons for water source
Dry soil so few plants can grow, and have to have strong roots to store water when the dry seasons come
Because of the large area, and difficulty of travel animals have to be very “mobile” or active in order to be able to survive in harsh areas ( be able to get themselves out of tough situations

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