Alstom Ubunye Case Study Solution

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Problem statement Alstom Ubunye is currently facing problems in delivering train components on time to the customer. The required lead-time for material delivery has not been well controlled, and the delivery process does not show efficient sequence of delivering the components to the right place and at the right times. Should this problem not be addressed, every delay in delivering the components will badly affect the business; Alstom Ubunye will lose its customer and certainly experience a major loss in sales. The delivery delays can go as far as causing customer’s respect and ruin good working relationship. Components delivery on time is one of the key requirements from our customer and a good relationship builder between Alstom Ubunye as…show more content…
Literature review It has been mentioned earlier that Alstom Ubunye faces challenges in delivering the components on time to the customer. There are multiple of researches looking into these challenges. Nabhani, F. and Shokri, A. (2009) is reviewed to look deeper into these challenges. Nabhani who conducted a study on reducing delivery lead time suggests that a competitive company must have both high quality goods and provide a high quality service by adding value to the chain. By reducing lead time and achieving faster delivery, the company’s competitiveness will be enhanced (Arnheiter, et al, 2005). The element of “Time” is an important resource in modern business environment in terms of customer satisfaction (Chan, et al, 2003). Hence, in order to understand operation, it is necessary to measure the activity time. It has earlier been stated that the emphasis is on performance measures dealing with suppliers, delivery performance, customer service, inventory, logistics costs and customer satisfaction in a SC (Gunasekaran, et al,

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