Altemio Sanchez Case Study Essay

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I. Case Assignment Elements

A. Introduction
Altemio Sanchez a fifty-eight-year-old male of Hispanic descent also known as the Bike Path Killer was born on January 19, 1958. He was originally born in Sabastian, Puerto Rican but later moved to New York.
B. Intelligence, Scholastic achievement, social adjustment in school
Altemio graduated from Grover Cleveland High School where he was very involved and played sports. He was enrolled at Buffalo State College in an industrial Arts program later dropped out when his girlfriend Kathleen Whitley became pregnant and later married at twenty-two years old.
C. Family structure and environment
Sanchez is the youngest of four siblings of his brother and two sisters. He didn’t know his father who was an …show more content…

He was enrolled at Buffalo State College in an industrial Arts program later dropped out. Organized Social competent was well-liked by his neighbors and friend. Organized skilled occupation employment history, but uneven work history, sometimes has job below abilities. Worked factory named Trico as a machinist and later as a machinist and factory worker at American Brass Company. Disorganized low birth order in family the youngest out of his brother and two sisters. Disorganized harsh parental discipline was physically and sexually abused by one of his mother’s boyfriends and was also physically abused by his …show more content…

Organized Planned offense often prepared a spot in advance to commit the crime, perhaps leaving a roll of duct tape there, to tape eyes shut. Disorganized depersonalized conversion and minimal conversation having victims call him Dave and would instruct the victims to wait for several minutes after the rapes. Organized crime scene reflects control show signs that he maintained control of himself and the victim. Disorganized sudden violence to victims often attacked in the morning as his victims jogged or strolled outdoors. Organized restrains were used he attacked woman from behind strangling them with electrical wire or drapery cord, leaving two long marks on their necks. Disorganized body left in view- regarding his first murder victim Yalem, he dragged the victim’s body off the bike path left the victim at the scene. Disorganized body left at death scene the third murder victim Diver was also left at the crime scene and was naked covered with a blue jacket. Organized body hidden he disposed his second murder victim, Muzur body in a secluded yet open field tried to cover her body with pieces of trash, a wooden board and rocks. Disorganized weapon evidence often present attacks his victims from behind and strangles them with a rope or

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