Alternate Ending For Frankenstein Essay

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The old lady was white with anger and shouted at the old man “what was your last wish, tell me now!” The man stood there with a blank expression on his face, not knowing what to say “I wished him to leave us forever.” mumbled the man. As the old man walked out the door staring at the flickering street light which seemed to have a pattern as if using a code. The old man was trying to figure out the code, but his screaming wife could not let his mind think about it. “He was your son, you monster, you vile being, you worthless human!” The old lady screamed her knuckles balled and ready to punch the old man if he said something to her. The old lady walked back in the house. With a loud bang the door closed then the sound of the bolt being locked. The old man sat thinking about how cold it had to be that day when he was…show more content…
“Here is a true story about the Herbert” “currently he is buried alive at least 20 feet below the surface in a steel box” The museum of Fate plate reads “ Here is a story about the truth of changing one 's fate. A monster is born along with a repeating monster item buried 20 feet below ground and the real story has probably been shut up by the government. A total of 72 people were killed in 70 years. The author was the only known person to survive the first encounter with the beast known to all as Herbert. The monster’s line “Here’s Herbert” was used in the Shining a movie where a father loses his mind and turns into a homicidal maniac where it used and changed into “Here’s Johnny”. After the building was shut down by the government. Two kids were playing when one fell down into a hole where he survived for two seconds before the sound of an axe swooshing was heard followed by a scream. Then an even more mangled body came out of the hole in the early 2000’s. The last we ever saw of him was when he got pumped full of 200 pounds of lead and one heat seeking missile and a nuke the size of a little boy in New Mexico. That was the end of Herbert

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