Alternate Ending To Prince Hamlet

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I gave father my word that I would distance myself from the prince. So today when I saw Prince Hamlet, I saw him and I just remembered my words and did not approach him. He, on the other hand, came closer to me, his appearance was strange, and his behavior was nothing like before. The prince grabbed me was staring at me and was breathing heavily. I questioned myself what brought this on, a prince to not be gentle. His grip on my arms was getting tighter and tighter and I was in pain. I did not say anything; I was waiting for him to say something but, he said nothing. The prince’s eyes were on me first then all over the place. He pulled me closer to him as if he wanted to whisper the matter that was troubling him to me but, he pulled back and looked very helpless.…show more content…
I didn 't know what to think at all, but that was not the Prince Hamlet I knew. There were lots thoughts coming in my mind after this bizarre meeting. I decided to tell this to my father and walked out of the room to find him. The whole time I was trying to find my father I was confused and sad.The moment I saw my father he saw through my face that I witnessed something strange. After, I was done telling him what happened with Prince Hamlet, he stood up and started walking towards the window in the room. My father concluded that Prince Hamlet has gone
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