Alternative Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Introduce: Nowadays in the modern world, we use a lot of energy to serve our life. Especially alternative energy. Which is the energy come from natural and atmosphere around us. It have a lot of advantage side and useful to our life. So what is fossil fuel and alternative energy? Alternative energy is energy we can get from nature like sun, wind , water or heat,etc by the modern technology. Fossil fuel is resources we can get from the earth like coal, oil, and gases. Sun energy, also know at solar energy is the energy we get from sun to make electricity. Solar energy can be last forever, it doesn’t cause any accident and clean to use. But it’s very expensive and depend on the climate of the country. It’s popular in Japan, England…show more content…
Like ride a motor bike, use air conditioner, industry rubbish, etc. Furthermore, air pollution can cause the global warming and green house effects in long day it’ll cause skin cancer and other kinds of cancer. Or at least abuse thermal energy too much. Image Source: Not only the air pollution but it have many, many kinds of pollution that people has cause by using alternative energy in the wrong way. Like: Water pollution, thermal pollution, etc. Pollution can cause many, many harmful effect to life. At first it's the global warming and greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is the phenomenon when the ozone layer has been destroy by Co2 that human create it is the starter for causing global warming. Global warming is the phenomenon the earth being hotter because people cause air pollution and the harmful gas in the atmosphere increase so that the heat increase too. Ice in Arctic and Antarctic are melting so the amounts of water in the earth has increase. Scientist has analysis and said that if this phenomenon prolonged all the landscape in earth will be melting by water melting from two

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