Standardized Testing: Should We Make A Change?

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Standardized testing, a common method of gauging a student’s ability since the invention of school itself. Over the years it has served its purpose well, but is it time to make a change? I say yes. Although a decent and simple method, today’s modern world leaves us with many superior options to replace it with. These many alternatives are left unexplored and ultimately unutilized in exchange for a flawed yet experienced system. A better way is out there and it holds the key for future generation’s schooling success. Either way, everything else has changed in the last 100 years, why not at least try changing our testing as well? Believe it or not there, are many alternatives to standardized testing. From stealth assessing to digital portfolios,…show more content…
With this amount of time you would expect to see major improvements in our system, but no real improvements have occurred. In fact, the obsession with making kids succeed with this terrible system has lead to detrimental effects on our staff. The wants and actions of people and politicians have led to state governments across the country to enforce punishment on schools that fail this already flawed system. The effects of this punishment can be seen nationwide from superintendents rigging test results in their favor to teachers helping their students to cheat. These effects are a far cry from their desired effects of pressuring staff to do their best in everything they do. Teachers seem to be the most affected by the need for students to score well on their assessments. This is true due to our school system today which has forced many into a rigid teaching guideline that is meant to prepare students for their big test that will ultimately reflect upon themselves as well as the students. This problem distracts from the teacher’s wishes and wants for their students curriculum. This does not even mention the large class portions taken up by test prep and test taking tips that distract from meaningful learning, making for more problems than a test would solve. This just goes to show once more that standardized testing is not the way to go under our current…show more content…
In reality the very idea of it being an accurate measurement is false. According to The Huffington Post a study conducted by The Brookings institution found that 50-80% of scores were not permanent and were “caused by fluctuations that had nothing to do with long-term changes in learning.” A study by Bates College also backs up this stance on standardized testing with another article showing that there is little difference in performance and graduation rates from college applicants who revealed their SATs and ones that did not. They officially state, “Bates College has found no differences in academic performance or graduation rates between submitters and non-submitters.” The non submitters more tending to have lower scores which would lead to their reasoning for not submitting. This fact is why many believe that a standardized test is only a measure of one’s ability only during the time of the test and no one’s applicable ability. This is a troubling thought to think about seeing as we put such a large importance on these tests. If this alone is not enough information to convince, here is a real life example of how standardized testing means nothing. Smithsonian Mag states, “There are no mandated standardized tests in Finland, apart from one exam at the end of students’ senior year in high school.
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