Alternatives To Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been banned in many countries around the world, except for America, Canada, Australia, and a few others (Cole). Animal life is deteriorating for numerous, unacceptable reasons, one being animal experimentation. In the span of one year, three hundred thousand animals perish in China (Cole). The extreme numbers are the consequences of animals being tormented from the unnecessary trials (Cole). Others claim that animal experimentation is the most favorable method of evaluating new products. However, instead of being a threat to animal life, the world should use alternative testing methods that can prevent avoidable abuse. Although many believe that animal testing has benefitted the human race, it should be banned all around…show more content…
Vitro testing uses the cells of humans to acquire accurate results. There are endless tests and models on human cells that “can be used to assess the safety of drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, and consumer products” (“Alternatives to Animal Testing”). Instead of harming animals, using the cells of humans and analyzing them in petri dishes would be the more logical choice. It would produce authentic results corresponding to homo sapien genes. Furthermore, vitro testing and other alternatives can save time and money. As depicted in “Alternatives to Animal Testing”, “[t]he traditional testing of chemicals using animals can take up to five years per substance and cost millions of dollars, while non-animal alternatives can test hundreds of chemicals in a week for a fraction of the cost” (“Alternative”). Spending a great deal of money on inaccurate testing is absurd. Definitive alternatives would further improve the system of how products are tested. It is more beneficial to use inexpensive, accurate alternatives to animal…show more content…
Radial keratotomy was a developed study that would improve vision without glasses (Greek and Greek 26). The procedure was perfected on rabbits but when assessed on the first human, the operation blinded the man (Greek and Greek 26). Although the intentions were to aid human life, it harmed human life further. Despite the possible benefits, animal testing is detrimental to both animals and humans. Even though it has the potential assets, animal testing is not truly accurate, it harms animals immensely, and there are superior options. It is not expected that each individual in the world would join the organization PETA, however, if greater lengths like considering what products they use are tested on animals, the world of animal testing could come to a close. Additionally, simply donating to an animal experimentation prevention organization like PETA could do wonders for the animal movement. Together, the world can restore the safety of animals and ban animal experimentation all around the
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