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Going to the place you have never been afore always risky. You have no idea where to go, what hotel to choose, what transport would be more convenient. These and many other organizational moments can be easily shifted forward on to the reliable travel agency. Paying a certain amount of money you will feel confident and protected when you start your journey. Gaining a 7-year experience in organizing tours and expeditions, Altezza Travel provides its client security and unmatched comfort. Repeating the same actions many times polished the agents’ service to automatism. Everything is thought over up to the tiniest details.

The travel agency offers guided tours in Africa. Be free to pick up the interesting adventure, as
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Besides, you will have a ride on the private safari fleet that consists of new SUVs of premium class. The vehicles are enhanced with air-conditioning, refrigerators, outlets for devices charging, and much more. During the expedition, you will be offered the up-to-date outfit only of famous trademarks, as The North face or black Diamond.

Moreover, each of your night stops is going to be spent in proven and hospitable lodges that meet the strictest standards. In case something unexpected happens, be sure that the aid will come in the short period since all guides are equipped with satellite phone (Iridium 9575), running throughout the Kilimanjaro. In addition, you may count on professional and high-skilled safari guides.

The company offers multiple connect options, beginning with a phone call and ending up with e-mailing, and getting in touch via Skype. Do not delay your exciting adventure, call Altezza Travel right now, as it did Eugene Kaspersky, Alexander Grek, Angela Vorobeva, and many other famous people! Текст 2
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However, even if you belong to the risky category of persons, going to a new country all alone sounds stupid. Sometimes, money is not enough to solve problems in a savanna or on Kilimanjaro. Why seeking for a help in an extreme situation when such situation can be avoided from the very beginning? Altezza Travel provides services for travelers and guarantees their safety and comfort.

The company hit the market seven years ago, so its experience is enough to offer customers the most favorable terms and the highest level of relaxation while making a trip to Africa. Feel free to choose any guided tour. It may be paradise-like beaches of Zanzibar, snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro or hot jeep-safari.

Applying to the Altezza Travel, you gain the number of certain benefits:

• All guides are certificated

Be sure that in the case of some unexpected danger, our employees will help you no matter what happens. All of them have Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid licenses.

• Reliable vehicle on safari

We have our private fleet of SUVs, manufactured no longer than 2014. Each vehicle is upgraded by some special features, like refrigerators and personal outlets for charging devices.

• Trust worthу equipment for Kilimanjaro

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